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"O" Licenses and Requirements

ST&L Consultancy in Moulsoe, Milton Keynes will guide you through the different types of licenses and the requirements to acquire these. If you have any questions about operator licence applications or variations, please do not hesitate to call us.

Which Licence?

Restricted Operators’ Licence

This is the licence you will need if you are transporting goods owned by you for commercial gain. Unlike the other types of Operators licences there is no requirement to employ a nominated Transport Manager however you do need to have a nominated "responsible person" and you will still need to adhere to the other requirements of a restricted licence .Therefore it is wise to gain the services of a nominated responsible and competent person to monitor your compliance, which we have at ST&L Consultancy. There is also a difference in the financial standing levels compared to the other licences. This can be seen below under financial standings.

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Standard National Operators’ Licence

You will need this type of licence if you are operating on a "hire and reward" (payments for transporting goods that aren't owned by you) basis within the UK only.

Standard International Operators’ Licence

You will need this for the same criteria as the Standard National Licence with the exception that you can travel through the EEC.


CPC Holder

Only required for the Standard National and International Licences

Operating Centre

Somewhere either owned/leased or permission has been granted to park

Financial Standing

At least 3 months accounts demonstrating sufficient funds to maintain the fleet

For a standard national and international licence

        • £8,000.00 for the First Vehicle
        • £4,500.00 for Additional 

For a restricted licence (these remain unchanged):

        • £3,100.00 for the First Vehicle
        • £1,700.00 for Additional 

Maintenance Requirements

In house planned scheduling or outsourced contract maintenance plan.

A Statutory Notice

This must be advertised inviting objections to the operating centre. The wording of the notice can be found and is detailed on the GV79 form, but it must be advertised in a newspaper that is in free circulation in the same area of the operating centre.

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