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Transport Management Solutions

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What We Offer

At ST&L Consultancy , we use our  transport and road haulage experience to provide our customers with a friendly, professional, and competent transport management service which covers the UK and EMEA region. Learn more about our services here.

Audit Services

  • All respected transport companies see compliance as an important and integral part of their business and, to this end; we offer our expert help and advise in maintaining the correct standards through effective and proactive regular site visits.
  • We can also offer bespoke one-off compliance audits carried out by one of our qualified audit team which are followed up with a corrective measure report to help the client fulfil their target standards.
  • ST&L Consultancy works in association with a leading quadruple accredited ISO Company that can deliver / implement and audit any of the ISO standards that your business may require while assuring you of continued support throughout the journey. They also offer training for your staff in areas such as Health & Safety , Mental Health awareness and Risk assessments. We are proud to be associated with them and more information can be found on our PARTNERSHIP page.

  • ST&L Consultancy are an authorised audit provider for the                 DVSA Earned Recognition scheme  - if you are considering  joining this scheme why not look at adding the AM01- HS2 accreditation to your audit? Contact us to discuss requirements for the scheme and costs. 
  • ST&L Consultancy is  ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Risk Assessment Services

We also offer a  work place risk assessment service for customers as either a bespoke one-off or as part of an on-going regular visit schedule to establish the  current Health & Safety risks and where necessary collaborate and implement a corrective action plan to ensure a high bench marking of safety and welfare standards is achieved , managed , reviewed and evaluated.

Transport Management Services

We offer a transport management service to either aid the completion of new operator licence applications or help with licence amendments/variations.

We also offer external national/international transport managers to stand as a nominated candidate for an operators standard national/international licence or to operate as the “responsible nominated person” on an operators-restricted licence.

Tachograph Analysis

The requirement to regularly download and analyse both drivers’ digital tachograph cards/analogue charts and download and analyse vehicles can be a laborious task. We can carry it out for you with our Vision FTA analysis software. It will highlight all compliance needs (i.e drivers’ hours, working time hours, infringements, licence expiry dates, distance vehicles have been driven without a card, over speeds, harsh braking, etc.)

This is a mandatory requirement of your operators’ licence and one that we can fulfil by generating data reports for customers to meet their KPI’s.

Fleet Management

We offer the ability to manage your fleet servicing schedules for you from forward planning to booking the vehicles in with your nominated service provider for PMIs, safety inspections, LOLER inspections, brake roller testing, tachograph calibrations, and more.

ST&L Consultancy has partnered with Roadwise UK to offer a full fleet telemetry package where fleet performance can be monitored and reviewed form a single point of use database allowing a time saving and  cost saving through efficient data analysis. More details can be found on our PARTNERSHIP page.

New Business Start-Ups/Project Work

With our  transport experience, we are able to offer any customer that is in the process of a new business start-up venture or just wants advise on ways to maximise their current transport business the help and support needed to fulfil these targets.

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